New Jersey Rain Tax ??

21 February 2019

The New Jersey Legislature has presented Senate Bill 1073 to Governor Murphy authorizing Counties and Municipalities to create “stormwater utilities” that can assess fees to property owners/occupants from which stormwater originates and runoff directly or indirectly enters the stormwater management system or waters of the State. The Governor has until mid-March to sign the bill.  It is expected by many that the Governor will sign the legislation. The bill, which has been dubbed a “rain tax” by opponents, will take effect 180 days after enactment.

The legislation provides for a partial fee reduction in the form of a credit for any property that maintains and operates a stormwater management system that complies with the State and local stormwater management standards that were in place at the time the system was approved and that effectively reduces, retains, or treats stormwater onsite.

In our Advisory Bulletin, VNHA outlines some considerations for you to assess the significance of this legislation.

Click here for a link to the Bill.

VNHA Can Help
VNHA possesses the knowledge and experience to assist you in assessing the impact of this legislation on your site or facility and planning appropriate stormwater management measures should it be enacted.

VNHA intends to follow-up this advisory with additional information as it becomes available and, if you are interested, offer services tailored to you to assist with understanding the impact of this proposed legislation to your facility.  Our objective will be to provide services that ease economic impact of the legislation while reducing the adverse impact of stormwater runoff from your property.

If you have any questions or need assistance interpreting how this legislation will impact your facility or project, please contact John Ryder, PE at or Brian Perry, PE at or call (609) 987-2323.