Stormwater Management System Maintenance Requirements

15 April 2019

State and local authorities are combining efforts to enforce the maintenance of stormwater management system regulations in New Jersey. Certain municipalities with a NJDEP Tier A Municipal Stormwater General Permit (MSGP) are required to establish a new reporting program for “major” developments to ensure adequate long-term operation and maintenance of stormwater facilities are in accordance with the Stormwater Management Rules, N.J.A.C. 7:8. Tier A Municipalities are generally located in the more densely populated areas or near the Atlantic Coast.

To be compliant with the Tier A MSGP, many municipalities have or will, in the near future, implement procedures that require inspections and submission of periodic reports by owners/operators of stormwater management systems approved by the municipality. The municipalities have the authority to levy fines for non-compliance with inspection and reporting requirements.  In certain situations involving public safety, the municipality can undertake repairs of a stormwater system at the expense of the owner/operator.

In our Advisory Bulletin, VNHA provides additional details about the reporting program and how it may apply to your facility.

Click here for a link to the NJDEP’s Tier A MSGP.

VNHA Can Help 

VNHA is perfectly positioned to assist you with the new stormwater system maintenance requirements, including: periodic post-construction inspections, documentation of the condition of each system component, and the required reporting to the local authorities. If you believe your facility is or will be subject to a municipal stormwater control ordinance and you have any questions or concerns, or if you require assistance in complying with a stormwater control ordinance, please do not hesitate to contact Brian Perry, PE at, or Ralph Petrella, PE at, or call (609) 987-2323.