Van Note-Harvey Associates supports our clients’ project objectives with studies and plans that identify innovative, sustainable site solutions for each particular project. Our goal is to create real-world designs, that are sensitive to environmental constraints and regulations, which reflect an enduring form of responsible and functional integrity. Therein lies our greatest value and commitment to our clients – developing project approaches that address the realities of budget, time, and sustainability, yielding the most practical solution to every engineering challenge.

For over two centuries we have been providing the following services. Please take a look below, click through to see detailed service descriptions and links to our related projects.

Providing our clients with responsive, exemplary service and advocating client satisfaction are closely-held core values that take precedence in our organization.

Our corporate goal is to unite engineering, education, and experience to produce innovative, high quality results for our clients; transforming their vision into reality.

          — Donald E. Fetzer, President and CEO