Subsurface Feature Locating

Van Note-Harvey is uniquely qualified to provide markout and documentation of subsurface utilities/features and floor and wall obstructions before they affect your budget or schedule. Van Note-Harvey can provide these services at the predesign or preconstruction phases of your project by marking out and locating existing subsurface utilities within the area of interest.

Services typically provided during a subsurface features survey include:

  • Records review and compilation.
  • Marking identified features in the field.
  • Vacuum non-invasive excavation
  • Preparation of an area sketch showing identified objects/utilities relative to existing features.
  • Summary report which includes a description of services provided, equipment utilized and images of identified objects, as appropriate

VNHA will select the appropriate investigative technologies based upon your needs and the geophysical conditions within the project limits. Methods employed may include:

  • Magnetic Locating
  • Electromagnetic Conduction and Induction
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Floor and Wall GPR Scanning Technology
  • Non-invasive Test Holes
  • Pipe Sonde Technology

Our cost-effective approach calls for subsurface features locations to be completed in a shorter time, offering our clients the opportunity to minimize the overall risk, cost and liability in future design engineering, pre-construction activity, environmental investigations and remedial design.

* Before excavating always call your state “Call-Before-You-Dig” services.