Septic System Services

Van Note-Harvey Associates regularly provides services for Individual Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems, commonly known as Septic Systems, to Mercer, Hunterdon, and Somerset Counties and the surrounding communities. Our experience is extensive and varies in type and size – from 350 Gallons per day [GPD} residential systems (the smallest system allowed by Code) to 3,300 GPD Community Housing to 350-student Schools.

Van Note-Harvey’s in-house engineers provide comprehensive consulting for repairs and new construction of residential and commercial Septic Systems. Based on site conditions, VNHA will determine the appropriate type – Conventional (sand), or Advanced (Norweco, Hoot) Wastewater Technology that best suits your needs and meets state and local regulatory permitting requirements. VNHA will design the system, and oversee the construction, and successful commissioning of your system.

If you are planning to buy or sell property you can benefit from our review of the property for soil characteristics, environmental constraints (wetlands, floodplains, buffers, etc.), and any easements that may be present and could impact property value and use. We can prepare, submit, follow-up with agencies for any required permitting. Depending on the type, some permitting could take as much as 90-days, and could impact the timing of your closing. Our review of the property will help prevent any unpleasant surprises and accompanying delays. VNHA understands your need to maintain your schedule, and will work with you to meet real estate closing and occupancy schedules.

Our specific services for Septic Systems include:

Soil Testing – The effluent from your septic tank is absorbed by the soils present on your property. The rate at which the ground absorbs the effluent is known as soil permeability which varies for the varying soil types. Prior to the design of your septic system, VNHA performs soil testing on your property to determine permeability rate of your soils; if so presented by the soil testing, the septic design may be adjusted for your situation.

The types of soil testing are as follows:

  • Pit Bail Testing – Determines the presence of an existing groundwater table which may be seasonal (January through April for New Jersey) and is only performed during certain times of the year in a gravel or shale location.
  • Basin Flood Testing – Is used in a gravel or shale location when water table is not present.
  • Tube Permeability Testing – Is used in the absence of a gravel or shale location.
  • Soil Permeability Class Rating Testing – Is also used in the absence of gravel or shale location.

Design – The right design for a septic system accounts for various issues of your property and the surrounding area. If your property is in high groundwater or bedrock area a mounded system will be required. To blend into the site surrounds, height of the mound can be reduced by as much as 30” through the use of Advanced (Norweco, Hoot) Wastewater Technology. Our designs include:

  • Conventional Sand Systems (gravity or pressure distribution)
  • Mounded Sand Systems (pressure distribution)
  • Advanced Wastewater Technology (Norweco, Hoot – gravity or pressure distribution)

Construction Administration – As required by the State to ensure construction compliance with the approved plans, or to address any unforeseen issues that occur during construction, VNHA Construction Administration Services include:

  • Survey Layout of the system
  • Textural Analysis Certification of select fill
  • Observation of Septic Disposal System Construction for design compliance
  • Septic As-Built Drawing

Construction Contractors – At your request, we can provide a list of construction contractors who have serviced central New Jersey for numerous years, and have established a reputation for quality installations.

Additional Services – Van Note-Harvey Associates provides multi-disciplined Consulting Engineering firm that can provide additional engineering services as required, including the following:

  • Civil/Site Engineering
  • Land Survey Services
  • Environmental Consulting/ Permitting
  • Land Planning

We look forward to being a part of your team.


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