Marine Engineering Services

Van Note-Harvey provides a wide range of Marine Engineering services offering a comprehensive in-house design approach for a variety of marine and waterfront development projects including development, rehabilitation and expansion of residential, commercial and recreational facilities associated with coastal areas, inlets, bays, rivers, and other waterways. Waterfront businesses and property owners as well as municipalities have benefited from Van Note-Harvey’s engineering services for projects along the coastal waterfront.

Our team of professionals has extensive experience navigating the permitting and agency approvals required with marine development, successfully providing a variety of land use and environmental permitting services for many waterfront development projects.

  • Marinas
  • Residential and Commercial Developments
  • Condominiums including Boat Condominiums
  • Pedestrian/Vehicular Bridges
  • Pedestrian/Bicycle Pathways
  • Utilities/Utility Crossings
  • Boat fueling and pump out facilities
  • Boat Moorings
  • Shore Erosion Protection
  • Bulkheads
  • Docks and Piers
  • Dredging