Civil/Site Engineering

Van Note-Harvey supports our clients’ project objectives with studies and plans that identify innovative, sustainable site solutions for each particular project. During the concept and analysis phase, a team of engineers, environmental scientists, and landscape architects play an essential, cooperative role in identifying critical natural features and development constraints. This timely information enables identification of a feasible and cost-effective use of a site.

The subsequent planning addresses environmental concerns, water supply and sewage disposal options, as well as the local, regional and state regulations which may impact development. Projects may then proceed into detailed design and construction planning and implementation with a clear understanding of how the project’s goals and objectives will be achieved. This creative approach has been responsible for the successful design of a wide variety of projects.

Our goal is to create realistic designs which are sensitive to environmental constraints and reflect a high standard of form and functional integrity.

Frick Chemistry Building at Princeton University
Frick Chemistry Building at Princeton University

Location   Princeton, New Jersey

Client   Princeton University

Architect   Hopkins Architects and Payette Associates

Project Size   265,000 sq. ft.

Project Duration   2005 - 2011

Service(s) Provided
Base Mapping, Concept Design, Preliminary/Final Site Plan, Stormwater Management, Sanitary Sewer Design, Regulatory Permitting, Construction Phase Engineering Services, Construction Administration, and Construction Surveying.

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