3D Laser Scanning

Our High Definition Surveying (HDS) Services utilize 3D Laser Scanning to bring the latest in geospatial data collection technology and software to our clients. This technology is capable of collecting more data with greater detail than conventional surveying methods and in much less time.

This collection of points is known as a Point Cloud. Data can then be extracted from the point cloud to provide highly accurate and georeferenced drawings/models of the existing site conditions utilizing a variety of software dependent on the project requirements. Through this form of data collection we are able to obtain the data remotely (enhancing safety, eliminating the need to send a survey technician in for locations), and to do so at a speed that reduces the need for traffic or rail interference or operational shutdowns. An additional benefit includes the large amounts of data collected which could ultimately prove useful for future client needs.

VNHA Laser Scanning equipment:

  • Leica ScanStation C10
  • Cyclone and Cloudworx Software

Added Value Benefits:

  • Faster, better quality results
  • Safer, unobtrusive data capture
  • Shorter project cycle times
  • Less ambiguity – more complete
  • Higher level of detail
  • Point clouds can be conveniently used & reviewed by others for more efficient management of projects

Potential Applications:

  • Existing and asbuilt documentation
  • Topographic, detail, and engineering surveys
  • Detailed topographic and measured building surveys, interior and exterior
  • Air, railway and road systems
  • Infrastructure and transportation
  • Heritage and archeological sites
  • Forensic / Crime / Accident
  • Investigation Documentation
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Volumetric Analysis

The use of High Definition Laser Scanning helps us assist our clients in minimizing potential site design conflicts fulfilling our objective to give our clients the most reliable information and ultimately allowing their projects to run smoothly and efficiently.