Janssen Pharmaceutica


Location   Hopewell Township, NJ

Client   Janssen Phamaceutica


Project Size   242 Acre

Project Duration   2006 - Present


Boundary and Topographic Surveying, Site/Civil Engineering, Road & Parking Design, Utilities Engineering, Stormwater Management, Environmental Permitting, Freshwater Wetland Mapping, Wetlands Delineation, Construction Administration


Van Note-Harvey has performed a variety of site/civil engineering, survey and environmental permitting for Janssen’s existing 242 Acre corporate office/laboratory complex in Titusville, New Jersey since 2006. Site-civil engineering, environmental, and project permitting services were provided for Janssen’s Campus Master Plan which included expansion of the existing campus by 800,000 square feet of office/research space, a 30,000 square foot day care facility, two parking garages and surface parking, and a loop road circulation system.

As Janssen Pharmaceutica holds a Silver LEED Existing Building (EB) certification, stormwater management planning played an important role in this project. VNHA designed the Master Plan campus expansion to incorporate a wide array of stormwater management BMPs and various LIDs, which were well received by the NJDEP. Of note was the combined use of a constructed wetland marsh linked to a bioretention facility. Solutions were driven by findings of a site analysis of suitable soils resulting in an infiltration facility being used to provide groundwater recharge for the proposed site and replenish base-flow to adjacent streams. This series of BMP’s exceeded the state’s new regulations for pollutant removal and groundwater infiltration. Non-structural stormwater LIDs were also integrated throughout the site in the form of curbless roadways and vegetated, bioretention water quality swales adjacent to the roadways and within internal parking lot islands. Impervious surfaces were minimized by the use of parking decks.

In 2004, Janssen Pharmaceutica became the first recipient of the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association’s River Friendly Award for their continued water conservation program and water quality management, which included the design of the Master Plan.

Most recently, Van Note-Harvey provided engineering design, stormwater consulting, permitting, and construction phase services for Janssen’s 20 acre, 4-megawatt solar array on Janssen’s headquarters campus. The 13,500 SunPower ground-mounted tracking solar panels produce approximately 70% of the site’s energy needs annually and reduce its annual carbon footprint by approximately 5,000 tons.