Donald Stewart Early Childhood Education Center


Location   Elizabeth, New Jersey

Client   New Jersey Schools Development Authority

Architect   HACBM Architects Engineers Planners, Inc


Project Size   55,000 Sq. Ft.; 300 students

Construction Costs   $9.9 MIllion


Boundary Survey; Topographic and Utility Survey; PA/SI/RI/RASR/RAW/RAR/EO 215; Individual Property Assessment Report; Wetlands Investigation Report; Preliminary Geotechnical Evaluation Report; Utility Investigation Report; ACM LBP & PCB Investigation Report; Architectural Pre-Design Report; DOE Checklist; Traffic and Air Quality Study Report; Site Feasibility Report; Demolition and Remediation Contract Documents and Contractor Oversight


The NJSDA retained Van Note-Harvey Associates to provide Site Feasibility Services for the 55,000 sq. ft. Donald Stewart Early Childhood Center in the City of Elizabeth. The site was formerly a small commercial center with offices and retail stores. As this project was one of the first projects initiated by the NJSDA, the project schedule was accelerated requiring timely delivery of services. VNHA partnered with the NJSDA’s Project Management Firm and design teams to maintain schedules and accelerate construction of the schools. The feasibility studies conducted by VNHA lead the design work and were in the critical path for the accelerated development of the school.

Feasibility services provided by VNHA demonstrated that construction of the Donald Stewart Early Childhood Center on the selected site was feasible provided that documented soil and groundwater contamination identified by the environmental investigations were addressed with construction of the school. The Preliminary Environmental Assessment identified a Deed Restriction and Groundwater Classification Exemption Area (CEA) established by the owner as a remedy to a former leaking underground tank closure. According to the Deed Notice, imported soil was buried on the site over a layer of asphalt.

VNHA, along with NJSDA’s Project Management Firm (PMF), directed demolition of the site and removal of the soil from a previous NJDEP approved deed restricted area and site per the contract documents prepared by the PMF and VNHA. Demolition and soil remediation were successfully completed and approved by the NJDEP. VNHA documented all remediation of the site in a RAR submitted to NJDEP for review and approval and “delivered” a site ready for construction to the design team.

The school was constructed in less than two years and is presently is occupied.