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Princeton Day School

Princeton Day School is a pre-Kindergarten through twelfth grade private school. The Campus is located on 104 acres of open meadows, streams, ponds and forests along Great Road. The School completed a comprehensive Campus Master Plan to guide future growth in 2011. VNHA reviewed the Master Plan documents to determine critical coordination issues as it relates to Municipal and regulatory agency approvals. The review included the identification of the potential regulatory approvals required, and recommended adjustments to the Master Plan to accommodate physical constraints.

Survey and civil engineering services were provided for site improvements including existing building reconstruction and phased building expansion to the existing campus, expansion of the existing gymnasium, the reconfiguring of existing parking and driveway areas, an intersection signalization plan, 30 car land bank parking lot, upgrading all site fire hydrants, the construction of a stabilized fire lane, pedestrian and bike pathways, and the construction of a stormwater detention basin. A phased Campus Master Lighting Plan was also provided requiring lighting locations, lighting photometrics, and construction details.

VNHA’s flood hazard area permitting analysis involved performing a preliminary functional value assessment to determine the project’s effects on the Special Water Resource Protection Area (SWRPA) associated with the unnamed tributary to Stony Brook that borders the Campus. VNHA also worked with Andropgon Associates Ltd to prepare a mitigation plan for the disturbances within the SWRPA and Riparian Zone for the construction of the Ropes Course, Tennis Pavilion, and Lower School Access Drive projects.

VNHA investigated wetland, Riparian Zone, and SWRPA mitigation feasibility options, developed conceptual stormwater management strategies, and coordinated with PDS, PDS’s consultants, Princeton, and NJDEP officials to establish and understanding of and justification of the project and develop guidelines for preparation, submission, and review of the required applications

VNHA previously assisted the school with the design and construction of Smoyer Turf Field constructed in 2004.

  • Base Mapping and Utility Survey, Site Constraints and Feasibility Study, Site Civil Engineering Design, Land Use Permitting, NJDEP Mitigation, Stormwater Management, Pump Station and Sanitary Pump Relocation Design, Construction Phase Engineering, Construction Survey