• East Windsor, NJ
  • McGraw Hill
  • McGraw Hill
  • 280 Acres

McGraw Hill

Van Note-Harvey provided professional engineering services for improvements and modifications to the domestic and fire water systems on the McGraw-Hill North and South Campuses located in East Windsor Township. Utilizing water network modeling software (WaterCAD), VNHA evaluated various improvements for the site, including upgrading/reinforcing the existing infrastructure.  North Campus Improvements consisted of new 12” combined (fire and domestic) water mains, new services, valves, and hydrants. The new mains will be supplied through an upgraded combined (domestic and fire) metered connection. The existing fire and domestic water mains and the existing domestic water meter chamber on the North Campus were separated from the proposed systems and abandoned in place. Improvements to the South Campus consisted of a new domestic water metered service, and new mains and valves. Existing meter chamber and associated piping were  removed from the system and abandoned in place, and the connections to the North Campus under Princeton-Hightstown Road were abandoned and filled with flowable fill. Improvements to the buildings include the addition of backflow prevention equipment at each building’s service line and new fire pumping stations, piping and appurtenances to connect the new station to the buildings existing fire suppression system. As a result of the proposed modifications to the off-site and on-site water distribution systems, each campus will be provided with its own metered water service connection and separate fire suppression systems. Professional consulting services were also provided to McGraw Hill in support of negotiations with the EWMUA.

Site engineering, and environmental consulting services were also performed to facilitate the separation of utility services for the two campuses. To provide the North Campus with a separate 12 kV electric service and enable the campus to be disconnected from the JCP&L substation located on the South Campus, a new transformer and associated switchgear were installed to ease the transfer of the campus to the new service. The existing 5 kV & 12 kV underground electric services were abandoned in place.

VNHA subsequently provided surveying, site engineering and project management to support McGraw-Hill in their sale of the South Campus.

  • Boundary Survey, Visible and Subsurface Utility Survey, Preliminary Engineering Design Plans, Hydraulic Network Monitoring/Analysis, Evaluation of Building Fire Protection Systems, Domestic Water And Fire Water Distribution System Improvement Options And Plans, Fire Hydrant Flow Tests/Report, Preliminary Phasing/ Commissioning Plan, Regulatory Permitting Assistance, Construction Phase Services including Bid Documents, Construction Surveying, and Close-Out Services