20 March 2020

At Van Note-Harvey Associates, we know that our employees are the heart of our organization. Over the last two weeks, new procedures and policies have been implemented to protect the health and safety of our staff while allowing the continuity of our services during these uncertain and unprecedented times.

In addition to the prevention strategies recommended by the CDC, VNHA has:

  • Restricted outside access to our offices during regular business hours and prohibited unnecessary employee travel. Telephone and video conferencing are taking place in lieu of internal or project site meetings.
  • Provided flexible scheduling and work from home accommodations to allow our employees to work remotely. VNHA has ensured that all employees have the equipment and remote access necessary to carry out their job functions as they would in the office.
  • Supplemented technology where necessary to ensure continuity of services can be maintained while working remotely. VNHA’s IT Professionals have performed intensive testing to anticipate and greatly minimize potential disruptions to remote access.
  • Recent upgrades to VNHA’s internal phone system include an accompanying mobile application enabling uninterrupted communications with our staff, clients, and project team members.

We understand that a lot of changes are happening very quickly for us all and we will do as much as possible to adapt and ensure a smooth transition for our staff and our clients. With these measures in place and with the support of our dedicated team, VNHA remains committed to providing our clients with the quality and responsive services that they have become accustomed to and to keeping their projects moving forward.

We feel confident that we will all come out on the other side an even stronger, more unified team.


The VNHA Team